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Advance Credit Why us?

Accounts Receivable Partnership

We continuously strive to understand our clients business. Each client has access to a principal manager to discuss their accounts receivable services needs. Clients like to discuss business with senior management who understand their needs and who are proactive in delivering solutions.

We are an extension of a client's business and provide service through partnership.
Advance Credit Management prides itself on our direct, honest and personal approach to providing expert advice and service.

With substantial industry experience and using proven and effective techniques and systems, we help clients to effectively manage their accounts receivables alerting them to the circumstances that lead to slow paying and delinquent accounts. We provide expert advice to improve the performance of their internal credit process. Our advice goes beyond normal service, representing the open communication that exists with our business partners.

We are responsive to our client needs. Advance Credit Management, uses the detailed background information to the debt to pursue accounts. Depending on client specification, our collections approach varies from "soft" to "firm".


Our negotiation techniques increase recovery rates and avoid the costly litigation route. Our clients regularly benefit from our efforts. Through our professional negotiation, delinquent accounts are often the source of new business referral.
Advance Credit Management measures success not only by meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients but also by the willingness of clients to recommend our accounts receivable services to others.




Advance Credit Management, 28/32 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2

TEL : (01) 234 2408 info@advancecredit.ie

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