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Why us?

We continuously strive to understand our clients business. Each client has access to a principal manager to discuss their accounts receivable services needs.

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Pembroke House
28/32 Upper Pembroke Street
Dublin 2

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Contact Details

Phone: (01) 234 2408


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Faster and More Complete Debt Recovery

Advance Credit Management are specialists in accounts receivable management with substantial industry experience using proven and effective techniques and systems. Switching an account to ACM often prompts quicker payment as this emits the signal that the account is being treated more seriously.
The key to recovering delinquent accounts is to refer them to ACM earlier. For companies, extra costs are incurred over time including interest, banking, overhead, restrictions on growth, and recovery costs. The value of accounts receivables shrinks rapidly as recovery becomes more difficult and less certain.

Better Cash Flow Management

Advance Credit Management will increase cash flow through increasing recovery rates, reducing the average days outstanding and lowering collections costs. Receivables are managed before they become problems. ACM provides a Cash Flow Management System, Credit Management Advice, and Credit Policy Advice. A constant and predictable cash flow from a stable base of clients allows more efficient planning for future growth and capital expenditure.


Save on Costs

Advance Credit Management reduces administration and staff costs as we assume tasks in a specialist capacity that have previously been completed in-house. Additionally, ACM helps companies with limited resources during annual leave and seasonal or promotional peaks in business activities. We free time so that in house staff can focus on their main job tasks.
Many companies outsource business activities such as IT, legal, accounting, taxes, and other services that are not cost effective and are too time consuming to perform internally. For these same reasons companies turn to ACM for accounts receivable management and debt collection services.

Staff Suited to Demands of Collection

Companies have found that it takes a certain and rare type of individual to perform debt collection tasks well over time. Often companies do not have these people. Employees not suited to collections activities find it stressful. Thirty minutes of collections work for these people can impair productivity for the rest of the day. ACM maintain well trained collections specialists suited to producing results with the emotional requirements of the job factored in.


Protection of Brand Image

Advance Credit Management Cash Flow Management System avoids uncomfortable situations with customers by shifting emphasis from chasing bad debt to early management of accounts. Customers who make regular payments are less likely to seek similar products/services elsewhere. Customers approached in a professional manner in accordance with legal and privacy guidelines are less likely to use the collections experience as a reason not to buy from our client.

  • High recovery rates

  • Fast collections using efficient techniques and systems

  • Satisfied Customers


Advance Credit Management, 28/32 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2

TEL : (01) 234 2408 info@advancecredit.ie

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